Friday, January 14, 2011

Ralphie's Hat

While we were watching "The Christmas Story" this year, Ryan said "You know what I want? I want a hat like Ralphie's only with a really long tail. Down to my butt." If you remember, when Ralphie takes his Red Ryder Rifle out to start shooting, he is wearing a grey, blue and red long tail hat. Well that was my assignment.

I found a pattern for a child's hat with long tail on Ravelry so proceeded to make some adjustments. Finished it and it wasn't tight enough to hold all that weight on his head. So I frogged the whole thing and made more adjustments . Had Ryan try it on and he didn't like the ribbing so I frogged the first three color bands and made more adjustments. Maybe I should make Mr Picky do it.

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted
Needles: size 8 circular and dpn

I used this pattern of colors
15 rows of blue
15 rows of red
30 rows of grey

CO 80 stitches, work in 2x2 rib for 2 inches then start stockinette.

When work measures 5 inches, K8, K2tog around
work 30 rows, K7, K2tog
work 30 rows, K6, K2tog
work 30 rows, K5, K2tog
work 30 rows, K5, K2tog
work 30 rows, K4, K2tog
work 30 rows, K4, K2tog
work 30 rows, K3, K2tog
work 30 rows, K3, K2tog
then I ran out of grey yarn so
work 10 rows, K2, K2tog
work 10 rows, K1, K2tog
work 10 rows, K2tog
tie off and add pompom is desired

It really does reach his butt. You could make it shorter by decreasing the number of rows between decreases.

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