Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nathania's Cover-up

When she started the fundraiser for the Lymphoma Society, Nathania promised her students that if she raised $5000 she would dye her hair purple, and if she raised $7500, she would shave her head in front of the entire school. Success!
Knowing that her bean would get cold, she requested hats to cover the bean, so here is my contribution.

The lovely Katina, postmistress extraordinaire, models for me.

Lion Brand Homespun
Color: Barrington (purple mix)
Needle: 6 circular, 9 circular and 8 dpns

CO 65 stitches on smaller needles
Pattern: purl 7 rows, knit 3 rows
Repeat pattern 2 more times
Work an extra pattern (10 rows) for some slouch

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