Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cindy's Hat and Cowl

Cindy and Lonnie have been good friends to me for a long time. Lonnie is the instigator, as he was a fan of Mom's from the time he moved back to Oklahoma. She helped him relearn how to be a farmer and a friend. He has passed this connection on to me.

Cindy is shy; she rarely appears in public and when she does, she doesn't really chat it up. But she is part of the partnership and supports Lonnie in all his craziness. Sooooo ... here is her gift, to be bestowed when she returns from the grandkids in Virginia.

Yeah, the hat is the same as Nathania's bubble hat, but I love it so much I will probably make at least 5 more of them!

The cowl uses essentially the same pattern but CO 72 and work 5 rows of knit, 5 rows of purl. It is too big to be snuggy, but fits really nicely on the size 9 needles. I would probably do 65 stitches next time just for the snugness.

Homespun, color: Corinthian

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